Scoutz App

This is how Scoutz Inc partnered with us to develop a mobile app that crowdsources data to rate high school football players.

The Goals

Scoutz Inc is a totally novel concept in football scouting, designed to take advantage of crowdsourcing and big data provided directly from high school football fans that are in the stands and know the players. They approached Onward Development to help create a mobile app to accomplish their mission. The main goals of the project were:

  • Create a database of high schools and their football players
  • Crowdsource information from the crowd on high school football players
  • Analyze the information and provide a rating for the scout and a rating for the player
  • Access the information from any device

The Solution

The best way to accomplish the goals for Scoutz, was to create mobile applications where players and fans can register. Due to the nature of the market, we recommended to build two apps, one for iOS and one for Android. Also, we recommended to have an administrator panel, where the Scoutz team could see all the statistics, download them and analyze them, and even troubleshoot user problems. The final application had the following features:

  • Separate iOS and Android applications
  • High Schools micro-service with the high-schools database
  • Web API to communicate with the applications
  • Administrator panel
  • Cloud hosting

The Results

After completion of the applications, Scoutz was able to partner with a High School football camp and become NCAA certified.

The team is actively working with high-school players and their fans to help kids be discovered and get into college to play football.

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