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We created this worksheet to help people who are looking into creating an app better understand the effort it will take to get their idea to market.

The worksheet will ask you relevant questions about your business and how it relates to the technology.

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    Why we are doing the worksheet

    Creating a digital product is hard. Most people think developing the technology is the hardest part, but we disagree. The hardest part is understanding the minimum requirements of the application to launch into the market. Part of the job of the founder is to uncover unarticulated needs from future customers and create a product that fits their criteria. 

    Once you have uncovered customer needs, it’s time to tell your technical team what your market demands. Translating this knowledge into technical terms is hard. We have developed this worksheet to help you bridge the gap and make it easier to articulate what your new app will do and how it will operate. 

    Combining your knowledge of the market with clear requirements allows you to understand how easy your application is to develop; plus, it gives you a notion of the timeline associated with your project. It also allows you to understand what needs to be built and when to launch.