By: Farrah Pilling

Building trust and credibility is paramount for any website. We’ve all seen the trope of the sneaky watch salesman hidden in a dark alley wearing a trench-coat. Everything about this character type is meant to make you feel uneasy, and you can be sure that he is not really selling a Rolex. The lies are made clear to the audience in this case, but when browsing online it can be much tricker to know who to trust. Your business must maintain credible practices in order to gain and keep the confidence of your customers.

Five out of five stars

The easiest way to build credibility is by encouraging your users to review. Research shows as much as 88% of consumers believe that a positive review is equivalent to a recommendation from someone they know. Further, 72% say that excellent reviews contribute to their trust in a business. If a user bought your latest item and they loved it, you want them to share their opinions with others. The more positive reviews, the more likely others will follow suit to try your product out for themselves. Leaving reviews on your page helps your audience feel confident in their purchase and your company, while providing you with a reputation

If you find that your audience is not thrilled with their purchase, reviews can help promptly voice that opinion to you. Being a successful business means knowing how to respond to feedback, both good and bad. Treat negative feedback as a learning experience to improve your products and business. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those customers via your website to try to make things right, because it not only helps your clients but can help restore your reputation.

Amazon: Encouraging product feedback

Standing at number two on the Fortune 500 list for total revenue generated, Amazon is a giant in the world of e-commerce. Breaking down the numbers, they host over 5 million businesses worldwide, and 30% of Americans say they bought their most recent product from the site. A large portion of their continued success stems from their customers’ trust in the company and the products they sell. Purchasing online can be a gamble if going off the company depiction alone, but Amazon highly encourages customers to rate their purchases to help fellow shoppers and the businesses alike. Falling between one to five stars, products on amazon are reviewed by the thousands, meaning an excellent review is truly earned. In fact, 113,000,000 seller reviews have been submitted by customers in 2021 alone. If a recent buyer hasn’t rated their purchase within the first few days of receiving it, Amazon will send out a gentle reminder email to do so.  Overall, Amazon understands the power of opinions and embraces their audience’s feedback to make a better experience for all.

More than just numbers

Testimonials are another type of review use to build trust and credibility that can be beneficial for your business. Unlike a traditional rating system that is usually numeric, testimonials provide personal stories about customer’s experiences. For some, this has more weight than a regular review because of the depth of the information provided. Customers can specifically state their positive feelings and explain what makes your company stand out from the rest.

Case studies are a type of testimonial that serve to provide an in-depth description of your customer’s problem and how your company provided the solution. Their strength lies in the ability to capture your audience’s emotions by telling a story. The narrative entails the situation your business was invited to analyze and solve. When thinking about whether or not your business should incorporate case studies on your website, make sure it is specific and relevant to the industry you work in. 

Showing your customers what you can do

Another great way to showcase to your audience your business’s credibility is by providing a portfolio. Giving a preview of what you are capable of and the care you give to your customers is a great way to make them feel comfortable enough in a decision to do business with you. Portfolios are the vision of your skill sets as a company; show, don’t just tell your audience that you are the professional for the job. 

Build trust and credibility

As more and more business interactions take place online, it can be hard for consumers to know who to trust. By being open about your company and what you can provide, you can build trust and credibility and assure them that your products deserve their confidence. Allow your audience to honestly reach out about your strengths and weaknesses, because this interaction can not only help other potential customers but also help you grow and be better as well. In short, give your clients a reason to believe in you.

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